Why Women Don’t Need Marriage To Be Fulfilled — Yeni Kuti

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Popular singer and former dancer, Omoyeni ‘Yeni‘ Anikulapo-Kuti has stated that women do not need marriage to be fulfilled or complete.

Yeni, who is the daughter of Afro-Beat singer Fela Kuti, revealed this during an interview with Saturday Beats.


Why Women Don’t Need Marriage To Be Fulfilled — Yeni Kuti

The singer believes that women have grown more independent and have had a better sense of who they are and they now know that they do not necessarily need marriage to feel fulfilled.

She said; “I think women have become more independent and now know who they are. They now know that they don’t have to be married to ‘be somebody’ (fulfilled or complete). They now know that they are a person in their own right. For me, it is a good thing. Women are now getting married because they want to, not just because they want to be addressed as somebody’s wife.”

Contrary to what many might believe, Yeni also disclosed that she never did enjoy the benefits that come with being the daughter of Fela Kuti while growing up “I did not enjoy any benefits because back then, people used to look down on us because we were Fela’s children”, she said.


Why Women Don’t Need Marriage To Be Fulfilled — Yeni Kuti

On whether she did enjoy the benefits as an adult, she said:

“No, I did not. My father felt sorry for me when I was over 30 years old and bought my sister and me a television. However, I could afford to buy myself a TV then because I was already working.

My father did not spoil children. The best treatment we had them as children were chopper bikes and before we got them, my mum had to speak for us.”

When queried about the changes she’d like to see in the country, she said, “I desire a leader who has the genuine interest of Nigeria at heart. I do not want a self-centered leader but one who considers the people all the time.”


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