Wil Wheaton Siblings: Amy Wheaton, Jeremy Wheaton

Richard William Wheaton III () is an American actor, blogger and writer. He has appeared in recurring voice acting roles as Aqualad in Teen Titans and Cosmic Boy on the Legion of Super-Heroes. He was the host and co-creator of the YouTube Board TableTop.

He has also recorded audiobooks including Ready Player One and Ready Player Two.

Wil Wheaton Siblings: Amy Wheaton, Jeremy Wheaton

Amanda Katherine Wheaton (Amy Wheaton) is the sister of Will and Jeremy Wheaton. Amy is an American actress. She made her first appearance at age 9 in the science fiction thriller The Curse (1987) with her brothers.

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She received a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress Under Ten Years of Age in Television or Motion Pictures for her work on The Curse. Amy is currently 43 years old and married to Andrew.

Jeremy Wheaton is also an American actor. He is famous for being the younger brother of Will Wheaton. He is well known for his acting skills in Street Law, Grand Theft Auto, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and many more.

He portrayed Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is currently 44 years old and married to Jenn Wheaton. The couple is blessed with children.

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