Wilko Johnson Wife: Who Is Irene Knight?

, is an English guitarist, singer, songwriter, and sporadic actor. Wilkinson is better known by his stage name as . Johnson was born on July 12, 1947 and sadly passed away on November 21, 2022. In the 1970s, he was a member of the pubrock/rhythm and blues group Dr. Feelgood.

Johnson was renowned for his unusual guitar playing technique, which he attained by playing fingerstyle guitar rather than with a pick. This allowed him to simultaneously play riffs or solos and rhythm guitar, which resulted in a very percussive guitar sound.

Johnson, an Essex native who was raised in Canvey Island, attended Westcliff High School for Boys and participated in a number of local brands before enrolling at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to pursue a BA in English Language and Literature.

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Wilko Johnson Wife: Who Is Irene Knight?

Irene Knight is the stunning wife of Wilko Johnson. The pair met when they were in high school. Although the exact date of their wedding is unknown, their marriage ended in 2004 when Knight passed away. They had two children while they were still together.

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