Will Kate Middleton Be Queen?

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A record-breaking number of years—more than 70—have passed since Her Majesty first assumed the throne. Kate has been a member of the royal family technically for 11 years and informally for much longer. According to Sally Bedell Smith, a biographer of the Queen, “Catherine has learned by observing.” She is aware of what resonates. From this Queen, she will have learned a lot.

The Queen and Kate “share important credentials for the job: quiet stoicism, unshakeable discretion, and steadfast loyalty,” according to PEOPLE, despite the fact that the two are 56 years apart in age. “Their dedication to the throne is unshakeable, their public image is strictly maintained, and their thoughts on divisive political subjects are never heard. Kate also symbolizes the unofficial motto of the Queen.

Will Kate Middleton Be Queen?

Kate will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of being the queen consort when William does succeed as king.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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