Will Sing 2 be on Netflix?


How do you feel when a film you’ve been looking forward to watching doesn’t appear on or any of your favorite streaming platforms? Do you look for other means to watch it?

The animated sequel, has arrived and many people who enjoyed the first one (Sing) would love to know if they can watch the follow-up on Netflix. Sorry dear one, Sing 2 is not on Netflix and wouldn’t be on Netflix any time soon. For now, you can only watch Sing 2 in a movie theater. It came just in time for the Christmas holidays. In the United States, it was available in the theater on the 22nd day of December 2021 and those in the UK can watch the film from January 28, 2022. You can get tickets at a theater near you.

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Will Sing 2 be on Netflix?

Currently, it is available in theaters and not an option on any streaming platform at this time. After the movie’s theatrical run, one can rent Sing 2 on any digital platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Microsoft movies etc.

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