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Willie Bosket Release Date

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Born on December 9, 1962, William James Bosket Jr. is an American murderer who was found guilty of multiple crimes while still a minor.

As a result, New York state law was changed to allow juveniles as young as 13 to be tried as adults and receive the same punishments for murder.

Bosket, who was fifteen years old at the time, shot and killed Noel Perez on March 19, 1978, while he was trying to rob a train on the New York City Subway’s 3 train close to the Harlem–148th Street terminal station.

Eight days later, at the 145th Street station, one station south of 148th Street, Bosket and an accomplice shot and killed another man, Moises Perez, who had no connection to his first victim, during another attempted robbery at the back of a third train.

Between then, Bosket and his accomplice carried out two more armed robberies, one of which targeted the A service, and shot a New York City Transit employee who was working in the Lenox Yard next to the Harlem–148th Street station.

Willie Bosket Release Date

Since then, he’s been moved to the maximum-security prison known as Five Points. He is still kept in solitary confinement, but he is assessed on a regular basis and might be allowed to reintegrate into society before 2046 because of his recent discipline record.Bosket is recorded as being housed at the Wende Correctional Facility in December 2022.


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