With A Cute Video Showing Her Hanging Out With Churchill’s Daughter, Rosy Meurer Disproves Tonto Dikeh.

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As you may recall, Tonto Dikeh alleged that Churchill was a deadbeat father who had abandoned his daughter and her mother. Click here to read more.

A throwback video of Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer hanging out with his daughter has disproved Tonto Dikeh’s assertions.

Rosy Meurer has recently shared a vintage video of her spending time with her stepdaughter, displacing Tonto Dikeh.

Rosy said she doesn’t know what she would do without her and noted that family isn’t defined by DNA but rather by love.

Rosy recalled the day she first met her stepdaughter and how, with her radiant smile and tenderness, she won her heart.

She added that life gave her the gift of herself rather than her giving life the gift of her.

“A family is not created by DNA. LOVE works. I still recall the day you came into my life and, with your radiant smile and tenderness, forever won my heart. I never anticipated getting a stepdaughter, and I don’t know what I would do without one now. Although life gave me the gift of you, I did not give you the gift of life. Your lovely mother did an excellent job of rearing a well-behaved princess. Your surroundings are golden. I pray that God will keep you safe from the enemy’s plans and from all of the bad things this world has to offer. I appreciate you allowing me and I always long to have you around”.

With A Cute Video Showing Her Hanging Out With Churchill's Daughter, Rosy Meurer Disproves Tonto Dikeh.

The news has split social media; some criticized Tonto for spreading false information about her ex, while others criticized Rosy.

There is nothing like peace Sha in this life, Stay away from your enemies and make peace with yourself. Asin. one Everything You Need store wrote.

But if Tonto hadn’t posted about her, they “never would have posted her picture too na,” They had to even burn her alive while recording it. one Kevwe wrote.

Let’s see how they’re going to defend this, Asinwin awon. one Biggmay wrote.

Make Tonto self dey rest, Jare needs to get better so she can move on. Liz World wrote.


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