Woman diagnosed with chest pain and high blood pressure dies in church while waiting for pastor’s prayer

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There’s God! Yes I believe so! He Heals! Yes! I believe so!

However, there is a reason why God in his wisdom created humans and gave them the wisdom to manufacture medicine to cure sicknesses.

For this reason, you can’t always depend on God’s healing in times of sickness. Hand in hand with prayer, a sensible Christian must check into the hospital to seek medical care when he or she feels sick or is being diagnosed with sickness.

Doing the opposite of this, is a display of foolishness and I believe the angels in heaven would give you some lashes if you make it there for dying foolishly.

Well, this is the case of a Kenyan woman who instead of seeking medical care went to a pastor for healing.

The woman who was diagnosed with chest pain and high blood pressure has died in church while waiting for her pastor’s prayer.

The 58-year-old woman identified as Grace Waithera Muchiri, reportedly travelled from Nyeri to seek Evangelist Ezekiel Odero’s prayers at New Life church in Shanzu, Kenya, but died at the church’s verandah before seeing the man of God.

Muchiriw was said to have camped at the church’s compound on Sunday, December 5 and was found dead on Monday December 6. In a police report filed at Kiembieni Police Station on December 6, 2021, village elder David Charo said the woman was found dead on the verandah by curious members of the public.

The body has been moved to Coast General Hospital mortuary and is awaiting postmortem.


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