‘I sold my Jewelries to educate him’ – Old woman drags son to court for failing to take care of her

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A couple of days ago, the news went viral about how a 73-year-old man dragged his son to court seeking 20% of his salary for upkeep.

According to him, he has refused to take care of him after selling his land to take care of him through his education.

A similar incident has occurred and a lady has taken to Twitter to give an account of it. The lady explained that the woman sued her son because she is being denied her right of getting what she deserves after selling all her pieces of jewelry to take care of him.

She also went on to state that, the old woman complained bitterly of being labeled as a witch by her daughter-in-law.

Isn’t that heartbreaking?

Her full tweet read:

“Hmmm it’s not easy. A woman in my community Abia State Nigeria sued her son for refusing to take care of her after she sold all her pieces of jewelry and worked hard to take care of him at school. Isn’t that surprising? She said she would do everything to take

And being through for her son. She went on to reveal that her husband died a few months after this son was born and out of pain, she didn’t marry again but focused on her son and promised to be there for him. This is sad…happening just next to my apartment

What is hers because she really suffered as a single mother to take care of him. As if that wasn’t enough, this woman said her daughter in law is the reason why her son isn’t taking care of her and that she is being labeled as a witch after all she has done”

See the tweet below:


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