Yomi Fabiyi Reopens Film Academy Amidst S3x For Role Allegation With Students

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Following allegations that he had relationships with his students, Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi launched a new ROCKLAF branch in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The actor, whose detractors won’t go away, used Instagram to inform his followers of new developments at his film school.

Yomi Fabiyi asked his followers to board the student train for the next admission by posting a picture of himself and a purported student on his verified Instagram profile.

“ROCKLAF now have a BRANCH in ABEOKUTA,” he wrote.

Join formally through ROCKLAF to pursue your goal of performing and filmmaking and to become a STAR.

No qualifications, prior experience, or connections are necessary. Stop making excuses and putting things off. SEEK AFTER YOUR DREAM NOW! ..”

According to Kemi Filani, Yomi Fabiyi refuted the accusations of having sex for hire made against him by his ex-wife Oreofe Grace and a contentious Instagram blogger.

To dispel rumors about his personality, Yomi Fabiyi posted a snapshot of a private chat he had with Oreofe. Only a dishonest and careless journalist, he claimed, would not balance the story before drawing a conclusion.

He penned the following: “Social Media and anonymous blogging:

With Grave and I, it all began in this manner. IF SEX FOR ROLE, WHAT IS IT? The only person who would not balance a story before drawing a judgment is a criminal or a careless journalist. You established a platform, violated people’s rights, and garnered popularity at the expense of people’s lives, health, and careers.

This has misled young boys, turning them into addicted trolls and cyberbully addicts with foul backgrounds.

These good-hearted but flawed people now believe that a day would be incomplete without some negative news, celebrities, or other people to slam, ridicule, or curse. Chaos is imminent! Stop supporting, encouraging, and promoting illegal blogging. Not secure for the community, your kids, or your mental health.


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