“You all are selfish and greedy” Peter Okoye fights dirty with fraud victims

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Award-winning International singer, Peter Okoye is otherwise known as Mr P of the popular duo, Psquare has lashed out at fraud victims.


Peter Okoye questioned if fraudsters use charms while carrying out their activities as he can’t seem to understand how they can convince victims to pay for giveaways.


Mr P made this known as he reacted to the rantings of a victim who fell into the hands of fraudsters impersonating the singer.


Taking Twitter, the victim dragged the singer to refund him his money.


Raining curses on him, the victim told him to avoid embarrassing himself on the app.

Peter Okoye lashes out at fraud victims


“@PeterPsquare Oga respect urself and refund my money. U no go see peace till u send me back my money, Insha Allah! No embarrass urself bcos of small change, send me back my money. U wey don get, dey collect from me wey still dey hustle, ah! U no get shame. Refund my money”.


Responding to him, Peter noted how a good name is better than a bad name.


Pushing the blames on the victims, he described them as being selfish and greedy.


Peter pointed out how giveaways are meant to be free yet they fall victim to fraudsters demand they pay money for giveaways.


“A good name is better than a bad name! These victims are so selfish and greedy! I thought Giveaway was someone Giving Away money! But how thesethesebunchesilliterateilliterateilliterates fraudsters convince the victims to pay for the Giveaway is something I don’t understand! I will continue disclaiming it! How can someone tell you to send him 7k for you to receive 140k? Does that make any sense? Abi this fraudsters the use Juju for the mouth?”.


Kemi Filani news recalls Peter Okoye cried out over how online swindlers were using his name to scam people on social media.


The member of the music group P-Square said this on Instagram while commenting on an earlier tweet he shared.


Responding to a fan who said he wanted N500,000 before the end of the year, Mr P of PSquare said, “Now! Tweets like this are what these fraudsters are after off.


“They see how desperate you come online and beg for money or giveaway and they will take advantage of you by claiming it’s me and you will fall for it! Stop the f*cking online begging! Irritating.”


Mr P who runs a lottery programme noted that online fraudsters disguise behind the platform to scam people using his name.

Peter Okoye slams fraud victims

Peter Okoye slams fraud victims



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