“You Are Mentally Ill If…” Chacha Eke Spills The Beans

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Chacha Eke, a Nollywood actress, has commented on the death of celebrity auto dealer IVD’s wife, Bimbo Martins.

The actress, who has been a vocal advocate for mental health issues, has shared her thoughts on her death.

While highlighting the characteristics of mental health patients, Chacha revealed that if Bimbo had sought medical help, she would not have set fire to her house.

"You Are Mentally Ill If..." Chacha Eke Spills The Beans

Chacha stated that the deceased suffered from mental illness, as her actions were the result of her mental instability.

The mother of four believes that if you have anger issues, are bitter and sad, and are out of touch with reality, you are suffering from mental illness.

“If you have anger issues, I’m talking about a bad temper that won’t go away until you vent your rage on something or someone else, you have a mental illness.”

You have a mental illness if you are bitter and sad to the point where you injure yourself.

A mental illness occurs when you are disconnected from reality, have paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions, and your mood swings are uncontrollable.

If you recognize one, two, or more of the characteristics I mentioned in yourself and are concerned about being stigmatized. You refuse to align with the truth.

You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Mental illness can be passed down through families or acquired. Intense trauma, poverty, and a hectic lifestyle can all lead to mental illness. Please seek medical attention if you fall into this category.”

"You Are Mentally Ill If..." Chacha Eke Spills The Beans


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