You Have Mental Illness If You Have Anger Issue That Makes You Want To Take Out Your Vexation- Actress Chacha Eke

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Popular actress and filmmaker, Chacha Eke has taken to her official social media handle to share a video as she drops information about mental health.

In the video, she said, people who have anger issues or a high temper that will make them want to take out their vexation on someone or something have a mental illness. Also, she said people who feel bitter and saddened to the extent of inflicting injuries on themselves have a mental illness.

Watch the video below:

This video sparked reactions online as fans and celebrities gushed over her. In the wake of the late IVD’s wife’s death, mental issues have been taken into serious consideration as people give details on how it can affect one’s life negatively.

Chacha Eke has gone through a lot in her former marriage and has always talked about mental issues since she got separated. She has created another social media handle where she gives updates about mental health.


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