You Should Know What Your Boyfriend Does For A Living – Laura Ikeji Kanu

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Famous Nigerian author, Laura Ikeji Kanu has advised her fellow women to follow up and the source of living of their partners rather than just blindly enjoying the money.

According to her, the rampant killing of innocent ladies for money rituals is a result of the failure of some ladies to ask one of the most important questions any lady should ask in a relationship.

She added that once you find anything fishy with the source of income of your boyfriend you should run for your life or risk your life.

“You should know what your boyfriend does for a living in this current Nigeria. When he spends money on you, try to find out where the money is coming from. And when something is fishy about his hustle pls run! The rate of r*tual k*llings in Nigeria is alarming”.



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In reaction, some netizens opined that the sword should cut across, implying that it is also necessary to know what your girlfriend does for a living.


@deyemitheactor wrote, “Truth! Same applies to knowing what your gf truly does for a living and where their money really comes from? Ritual o, HIV o… all die na die! ✊🏾”


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