You Sleep With Random Men But Draw The Line When It Comes To Men Smoking – Faith Morey Tells Ladies

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Celebrated Nigerian model, fashion designer, and actress Faith Morey has taken to social media to lament on how the current generation has lost focus on the things that matter most in their lives and focusing on trivial.

According to the supermodel, most ladies go about sleeping with random guys without worrying about the possibility of contracting deadly sexually transmitted infections like HIV, syphilis, etc. but remember their morals and values when they see men who smoke.




“Y’all go ahead and have unprotected sex with random guys, mean your father’s age, married men that can transfer HIV, PID, syphilis and hepatitis that can kill you; but men smoking is where you draw the line and remember your morals, shift abeg.”




A while ago, Faith Morey in an Instagram post said that most people are so concerned about every other thing except common sense.

“A man died of hunger but Food was served on his funeral. Y’all be so heavy on everything but common sense, Prioritize, and morals.”

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