If you have been online for the past few days, I believe you are part of those who are so afraid of sitting on the Water Closet to ease themselves.

Speaking for my self, I try to get it off my mind but if I remember all these videos of people killing snakes from the WCs on social media, I literary jump up to check if there’s no snake beneath.

It’s even difficult for me to ease myself comfortably due to this.

Just like Don Jazzy, a young lady has also come out with her own method of going to the toilet to prevent snakes from harvesting your backside.

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In a viral photo, this lady is illustrating that the best way is to hang on the walls of the washroom like Spiderman before you direct the faecal matter into the loo.

Young lady devise new way of going to the toilet to avoid snakes from harvesting your buttocks

What do you think? Will this for you?

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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