Young man busted after he hid in an Aeroplane engine to flee the sufferings in Africa

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A young man who is obviously bent on leaving the shores of Africa has got his plans truncated.

He hid himself inside the engine of the aeroplane and was hoping to be flown away to his destination.

Unfortunately for him, he was discovered by airport officials who called on the police on duty to convince him to get down.

In the video, this young boy appears to be in his teens descended with his travelling bag—where his clothes were parked.

He has indeed prepared to leave the continent for good.

Watch the video below:

Could he have survived?

It is sure not possible for him to survive after hiding at that part of the aeroplane. This is because the aeroplane engine blows a lot of air. Worse still, this air comes out hot.

More so, given how toxic the gas that the engine expels is, this young man could have died.

There’s also a possibility that he could fall off when it gets to the time when the plane is descending.

In my opinion, I think it is very good they found him because he was embarking on a suicide mission.

Little is known about the boy and where he comes from. We are working on getting the specific facts. We will sure update once we lay our hands on them.

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Source: Vimbuzz.com

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