Your Girl Is The Reason Why Other Women Want You – Faith Morey

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Famous Nigerian model, fashion designer cum actress, Faith Morey has advised men to take good care of their women as it is what draws other women close to them.

According to the supermodel, when men treat their partners well, other women would get envious and jealous of their partners and will try as much as possible to get a piece of what the men are giving to their partners.




“Some of yall men need to realize your girl is the reason why other women want you. Jealousy and envy can cause a bitch to want everything another woman has. Some will try you just because she don’t like your girl!! Your woman is popping.”




A while ago, Faith Morey revealed that she cannot comprehend why some ladies find it normal to be sleeping with random people but draw the line when it comes to men who smoke.

“Y’all go ahead and have unprotected sex with random guys, mean your father’s age, married men that can transfer HIV, PID, syphilis, and hepatitis that can kill you; but men smoking is where you draw the line and remember your morals, shift abeg.”

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