Your monthly salary must be submitted to your husband before you spend a dime out of it – Prophetess Patience Obi tells women

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Nigerian clergywoman, Prophetess Patience Obi has made some controversial statements while preaching in her latest sermon.

Her message is to fellow women. According to her, women must first submit their salaries to their husbands before spending a dime out of it.

Buttressing her point, she used Ephesians 5:24 as her point of reference. The scripture that talks about the submission of women says “As the church is subject to Christ, so let wives also be subject in everything to their husbands.”

Prophetess Obi went ahead to explain that if a woman fails to submit her salary to her husband, she is sinning against God since she is going against the above scripture.

She also added that even if the woman needs to spend her own salary on her personal needs, that has to be approved by the husband before she can go ahead.

“Your money should be submitted to your husband before you spend a dime out of it. Yes! You heard me right. He has the full authority over the money, over your resources to tell you how to spend it. Remember he is the head of the home and you are to submit to him in everything!”, she stressed.

Prophetess Obi claims women who do not obey this rule become unsincere person before God and that can hinder the woman’s prayer.

“If you are a working-class wife, at the end of the month if your salary is paid, you read the credit alert to your husband. In fact, copy it from your phone and send it to him on WhatsApp or as an SMS and say ‘Honey, my salary has been paid, what do we do about it?”.

Watch the video below;

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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