You’re Good Enough, Love Yourself – Reno Omokri Warns Against Body Enhancements

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Controversial Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has encouraged young women in Nigeria to feel proud of their God-given bodies and desist from undergoing body enhancement surgeries.


According to Reno, many people have argued in favor of these surgeries saying that if God did not approve of them, He would not grant doctors, and surgeons the knowledge to successfully carry out such procedures.


“Sometime ago, one of the most twisted females in Nigeria, and a shameless promoter of premarital sex for benefits, tried justifying surgical body enhancements by saying God gave those doctors the knowledge they use to enhance body parts.”


He explained that if that was the case then the abuse of good things and using them for evil should also be considered right.


“Even demons God got their knowledge from God. But they abused it. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite for civil engineering purpose, but wicked men abused it and used it to make bombs to kill their fellow men. The abuse of good for evil purposes does not make evil right.”


Reno Omokri hinted that it is time for women to appreciate the bodies they got and feel proud of their natural bodies. He added that men should encourage women by accepting their natural appearance rather than pushing them to go for these enhancements.


“Young girls, please love the natural body you are in. You are good enough. You do not need to go under the knife. Avoid those evil role models. And men, encourage women by loving and accepting them for who they are!”

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