Yours Is The Story I Want To Read- MI Abaga’s Wife, Eniola Mafe Professes Love To Him

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Nigerian rapper Jude Abaga, also known as MI Abaga or Mr. Incredible, recently got a tender love letter from his wife, Eniola Mafe.

Eniola posted a montage of images from their wedding on Instagram.

Since getting engaged and being married, the couple hasn’t stopped telling their love story to their followers.

Eniola expressed her affection for the rapper and said that she wanted to read the story of his life.

“Yours in the story I want to read”.

Recall that in April that the rapper was set to walk down the aisle.

MI Abaga took to his social media platform to make the official announcement that he was set to get married.

Yours Is The Story I Want To Read- MI Abaga’s Wife, Eniola Mafe Professes Love To Him

Mi Ababa also mentioned in the video that Audu Maikori had introduced them.

The rapper revealed his engagement in a video that also detailed how he met his fiancée and how their relationship developed.

In September, the gifted rapper and his fiancée got married.

Social media sites saw the wedding’s photos and videos being shared. The rapper was spotted looking sharp in coral beads and Yoruba wedding dress. As he posed for the camera, MI Abaga was beaming.

Celebrities showed up for his wedding to support him, as was to be anticipated.

African Rapper #1, I Just Can't Wait To Do Life With MY GUY! Mr Incredible - M.I Abaga's Fiancee Eniola Mafe Says

Also keep in mind that Eniola Mafe disclosed their love story.

Many people were envious of the stunning couple who won over hearts by announcing their engagement.

Eniola Mafe said how she was going about her daily routine when Audu Maikori, a friend they both shared, introduced her to the musician.

Eniola had already vowed not to wed a rapper, but as God would have it, she fell in love with him and the two have been together ever since.


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