Yousef Makki cause of death

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At leafy Hale Barns, Cheshire a Manchester grammar school student was killed by his friend.

The whole incident was caught on cameras from different angles, on March 2, 2019, three friends were involved in a drug robbery, Yousef, Joshua and Adam. The boys had an agreement with the dealer but the whole idea was to steal from him. It happened that the whole drug robbery went wrong and it got Joshua (rich kid) beaten up, while Yousef stood and did nothing about it, as for Adam he had ran away.

Joshua lost his bike to the planned robbery and got his friends back together to help find it, he was angry because his friends had left him to be beaten by the drug dealer.

Youseff Makki cause of death

Later Yousef was found dead, he had been stabbed in the chest with a flick knife. The stabbing and killing of Yousef happened off-camera but Joshua was accused of the death of his friend.

At the scene where Yousef died, Joshua was caught on camera telling lies to the police that he found Yousef already bleeding so he took off his shirt to put pressure on.

The case was dragged till this year (2022), family of Yousef demanded justice for their son but to no avail. Joshua spent just 7 months in prison and has been freed.
Joshua told the jury that Yousef first pulled out a knife, so he only acted in defense. However, he admitted that the knife that caused the injury was his.

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