, a Nollywood actor and film director, sparked outrage when he revealed how he transformed colleague Lizzy Gold into a movie star.

Yul detailed how he consulted Lizzy Gold and vowed to make her a movie star in a lengthy Instagram post. During the corona break, he allegedly approached her and told her that she had more to offer.

He could tell she had a lot of potential as an actress that was just waiting to be discovered. Lizzy Gold, who was initially hesitant to help direct her, eventually agreed, and they worked together on the film “Princess Olivia.”

He boasted about his role in her newfound fame, blaming it on himself.

“Allow me to tell you a story about @lizzygolfofficial. I watched a couple of her films during the corona break. Then I called her and told her I had seen some of her films, and she dey try, but she had so much talent as an actress that had yet to be discovered. I told her she needed a crazy director like me to bring it all together.

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Yul Edochie explains how he turned Lizzy Gold into a movie star.

She sarcastically laughed and said to me, ‘no be the same film wey I dey do since, what will be different in yours?'

I laughed as well and told her, ‘I'm a very different director.' You've got no idea. Your career will take a turn for the better if I direct you in one gm. You're going to blow. With just one film, you'll become a Star insanity. I'm not sure why, but I believe God wants to use me to make your career blow.'

I also told her, “If I direct one movie for you and you don't blow, don't ever talk to me again in your life.”

She still didn't believe me, but she agreed to give it a shot. I told her fi to send me any script where she'll play the lead character and I'd handle the rest.

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She forwarded me the script for ‘Princess Olivia.' I began rewriting the script to better suit my goals. When we arrived on set, I told her, “Just listen to almost everything I tell you to do as your director, learn them and do them, because as a director I hold nothing back, I will teach you all my acting tricks I've learned throughout my career, and if you learn well, it will stick with you forever.”

Yul Edochie explains how he turned Lizzy Gold into a movie star.

We made magic because she listened.
When the film ‘Princess Olivia' was released, she became an instant celebrity, and the things I told her stayed with her.

I laugh now as I watch her recent films and see her doing the things I taught her and giving great performances. It makes me happy. I'm glad I had an influence on her career.

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So I decided to blow my own trumpet today by telling this story.

As a director, God gave me the ability to turn anyone into a star.

And in this life, if you don't blow your trumpet, chances are nobody else will.

So I'm going to blow my own well.”

Yul Edochie explains how he turned Lizzy Gold into a movie star.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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