Yul Edochie Is Criticized By Shade Ladipo For Supporting Judy Austin’s Offensive Behavior.

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When a video of Judy Austin worshiping God went viral, social media erupted, according to report.

Shade Ladipo reacted to it by criticizing Yul Edochie for posting the video, especially at a difficult time when he and his first wife, May, had just lost their first son.

She mentioned Pete Edochie, his father, and implied that he must be wondering what he did wrong to create a son like him.

Shade Ladipo didn’t forget to criticize Judy Austin for making such an offensive film.

She went on to say that the movie star must be an attention seeker as he has lost the respect of his peers and followers.

Yul Edochie Is Criticized By Shade Ladipo For Supporting Judy Austin's Offensive Behavior.

“You have nothing to say to me. A cloutina, Yul. The real scam is trying to gain influence while dealing with personal problems. After losing a child, you rush to join the latest social media trend without giving the mother of your child any thought.

Pete Edochie must be quite perplexed as to how he made that coconut head go wrong.

In addition, the akachanwa who stood and recorded Tueh also did so.


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