Yul Won’t Like This! May Edochie Makes Money Rain On Her Fans At An Event In Enugu

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May Edochie, the ex-wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and now an influencer and entrepreneur, has sparked up the online scene with a scorching video of her pouring love to her fans at a happening event in Enugu.

The mother of three was invited to a festive Christmas fair in Enugu, where she worked her magic and demonstrated her influence as the event’s ambassador for a variety of products.

As an entrepreneur herself, Adaeze Eluke made a significant impact at the event by showcasing her product and thrilling her social media followers with live footage from the event.

Yul Won’t Like This! May Edochie Makes Money Rain On Her Fans At An Event In Enugu

In the video posted to Facebook, May Edochie took center stage holding a wad of 500 naira notes, captivating the attention of the audience who were excitedly awaiting her financial showdown.

With skill and delight, she showered the throng with naira notes, setting off a frenzy as everyone scurried to get their share.

The video sparked a flood of online comments, with many claiming that she must have hit the jackpot to be able to lavishly shower fans with cash at the event. Many people couldn’t stop gushing over the mother of three.

This comes after May Edochie recently shared some sweet moments with movie star Rita Dominic at a fashion show over the weekend.

Renowned fashion virtuoso Mai Atafo hosted the event, which was attended by prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

When May sat next to Rita, she blushed. May had made headlines for her all-white outfit at Empress Njamah’s all-white party.

Rita was referred to as a “beautiful diva” by the brand influencer, who was spotted chatting with the actress in a caption.


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