Yvonne Nelson Discloses How Iyanya Cheated On Her With Tonto Dikeh

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The latest memoir by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, which provides an intimate look at her personal life and a number of romances, has garnered a lot of attention recently.

Iyanya, a Nigerian Afropop musician, was the subject of the award-winning actress’s account of their previous relationship and how he cheated on her with Tonto Dikeh.

Iyanya would frequently offer her breakfast in bed, and she had the security in knowing that her love for him would last forever, according to Yvonne, who described their relationship as wonderful. Iyanya even went so far as to tattoo her initials, “YN,” on his wrist as a symbol of his devotion to her.

“We had a good relationship, breakfast in bed, and all the pleasantries one could hope for in a romantic union. I felt confident that I could spend my entire life with him. I thought it was major news when he inked my initials, YN, on his wrist.

He wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t serious about it. He made reference to his desire for me in his song “Ur Waist.”

Sadly, their romance suffered a setback when Yvonne learned about his liaison with Tonto Dikeh.

Yvonne Nelson Discloses How Iyanya Cheated On Her With Tonto Dikeh

Every time she left the home of Iyanya, she allegedly began getting calls from an unidentified individual advising her that Tonto Dikeh, another actress, would drop by and occasionally spend the night.

“So you can imagine my surprise when, after one of my trips to Nigeria, I returned to Ghana and received a call from a man’s home.

The caller claimed that whenever I left Iyanya’s house, another actress would drop by and occasionally spend the night. The person thought I should be aware of their relationship since they felt strongly that it was going somewhere. One of the female superstars Iyanya mentioned in his song “Ur Waist” was Tonto Dikeh from Nigeria, who turned out to be that actress.

She continued by saying that she had posted on Twitter after becoming certain of their affair, to which Tonto replied, “People changed and so did feelings, so move on.”

Yvonne went on to say that she was persuaded that what happened between Iyanya and Tonto wasn’t an isolated incidence after learning more tales about what he did with some of his female crew members. His manner of life was a pattern.

As a result, she didn’t think it was necessary to keep fighting for him, especially since she was aware that Tonto would suffer a same destiny.


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