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Yvonne Nelson: My Mother Told Me I Was Born By Mistake

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In the book I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, she is giving out a lot of information from her mother then to her lifestyle in the industry she finds herself in, and then to her encounters with people in relationship wise.

Speaking about her mother’s she said“Whenever my mother was furious with me and sought to inflict pain, she would candidly disclose that she had brought me into this world by mistake.”

“She made me question my very existence. I cannot fathom ever uttering such words of anger towards my own daughter, regardless of the circumstances. No child should ever endure such psychological torment,”

“My mother confided in me that when she discovered her pregnancy, she had resolved to terminate it. She sought the assistance of a medical professional to carry out the procedure. (Though my mother has informed me that the doctor who ultimately saved my life is still alive, she has not disclosed their identity or the hospital they practiced in.) This decision was made during her sixth month.”

“The doctor initially agreed, and on the designated day, she paid the required fees, with everything set for the abortion. As she positioned herself on the surgical bed, legs raised, the doctor hesitated. ‘I cannot proceed,’ he declared. ‘If you are determined, seek assistance elsewhere. I am sorry, but I cannot go through with it.’”


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