Zach Elliott Delta airlines video

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A passenger experienced uncontrollable diarrhoea after losing control of his bowel function.

People have been worried about a passenger and the incident has been discussed widely on social media. They are now hysterical over the way that the incident played out.

With around 300 passengers on board, the flight left Harsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for Barcelona.

Two hours after takeoff, the flight unexpectedly needed to be diverted. And the explanation was quite surprising and unusual.

The internet is in a tizzy about the fact that it is currently being referred to as a “biohazard concern,” as some tend to believe that the incident is being overly reported.

Zach Elliott is the man associated with this incident, however it’s unclear how the name got out there.

Many hold the airlines accountable for this incident’s lack of sufficient privacy.

especially given that a viral video that was released on Reddit and shows the incident on board the flight is available to the general public.

Zach Elliott Delta airlines video

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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