Zach Wilson’s Leaked Video With Mom’s Best Friend

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Fans of the New York Jets seem to have more faith in their quarterback when the news broke earlier today.

Abbey Gile, the QB’s ex-girlfriend, claimed that Zach cheated on her with his mother’s best friend when she was made fun of for dating Wilson’s friend.

Zach Wilson certainly anticipated that this summer would be his time to shine, and two months prior to the second play, he was the talk of the NFL and the internet as well after his ex-girlfriend Abby Gile disclosed that he had sex with his mom’s closest friend.

People are presently more engaged in his off-the-field accomplishments than his on-the-field accomplishments.

Zach Wilson’s Leaked Video With Mom’s Best Friend

Wilson, for instance, did sleep with his mother’s best friend? Abby Gile, his ex-girlfriend, accuses him of doing it.

She turned to social media to respond to a barrage of criticism for dating Wilson’s former BYU classmate and Washington Commander defensive back, Dax Milne.

Every time someone reprimanded her for “homie hopping,” she snapped. Gile’s response was vicious and caustic, demoralizing the young gunslinger and leaving him with only unpleasant matters to address.

Many people may wonder if the Jets thought about selecting Zach Wilson’s back-up in the 2022 draft based only on his first-season stats. The rookie NFL season for the BYU gunslinger seemed to be the biggest learning curve yet.

The inexperienced quarterback started 13 games, and finished with a total of 310, 2,334 passing yards, 9 TDS, 11 turnovers, and a miserable 55.6 pass graduation percentage. Additionally, during his rookie season, Wilson missed four games due to a knee ligament ailment.

But is there cause for optimism? According to the executive office of the Jets, he is not the first quarterback to struggle in his first season before turning things around. In terms of statistics, the accident affected him the most in game 6, when he committed 9 of his 11 turnovers.

The BYU alum looked to consistently improve despite having his season cut short by injuries. His final five matches yielded four of his five highest QBR ratings. And his best effort this year was in a heartbreaking loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 17.

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