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Zbogom Tokyo meaning in Money Heist on Netflix

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Zbogom Tokio meaning in Money Heist on Netflix

After the death of Tokyo in Money Heist, Helsinki made a statement in her memory saying ‘Zbogom Tokyo’ or ‘Zbogom Tokio’. This statement wasn’t translated in the English Subtitle.

Hence, a lot of viewers are seeking to know the meaning of Zbogom as said by Helsinki in Money Heist.

Zbogom meaning

Know first of all that Zbogom is a Croatian Language which means goodbye, farewell. This is used to bid farewell to a lost loved one.

Zbogom Tokyo
Zbogom Tokio

So when Helsinki said ‘Zbogom’ to Tokyo/Tokio, he meant to bid her farewell as she dies and goes to join her ancestors.

I hope that is clear enough? You can drop your comments below if you have any further questions or if you have something to add to this. Thanks.

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