We present to you 5 interesting facts you should know about Zen S. Cannon — the 7th son of American comedian, .

  1. Date of birth: He was born on June 23rd, 2021. News of his arrival broke out after his mother, Alyssa Scott, took to Instagram to share his images and pregnancy photos.
  2. Date of Death: Zen S. Cannon died on 5th December 2021— Sunday. That was during Thanksgiving celebrations when he lost his battle against brain cancer.
  3. The meaning of his name: The word ‘ZEN' in Zen S. Cannon' name means peaceful and calm.
  4. He is the second born of his mother. Zen is the second born of his mother. His mother Alyssa had a daughter before him. However, he is the 7th child of his father, Nick Cannon.
  5. Tattoo in his memory. Nick Cannon, Zen's father got a tattoo on his rib cage in his memory. According to him, the process was very painful but it was worth it.
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Zen with his mother and sister
Zen with his mother and sister
Source: Vimbuzz.com
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