Zoleka Mandela illness: What disease did Zoleka Mandela have?

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A South African author, activist, named Zoleka Mandela was born on April 9, 1980. Zoleka is also the grand-daughter of Nelson Mandela. Growing up, Zoleka discussed her struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. She also experienced sexual abuse as a child.

An unfortunate incident happened to Zoleka in 2010. Zoleka lost her 13 year old daughter, Zenani in a car accident. The accident happened while she was returning from a show.

Zoleka blamed the whole accident on drugs as she claimed she was recovering from a failed suicide attempt at the time. In the year 2013, Zoleka released her autobiography.

Zoleka ran an anti-traffic fatality initiative, highlighting the special dangers faced by children in sub-Saharan Africa, who are twice as likely to die in traffic accidents as children everywhere else around the globe.

Zoleka Mandela illness: What disease did Zoleka Mandela have?

Zoleka Mandela passed away at the age of 43 on September 25, 2023. Zoleka has been battling with breast cancer which ended up affecting her spinal cord, liver, hip, pelvis, brain and lung.


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